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2022 Building Technology Review

As the construction industry continues to grow and prosper, many technological advances are being made to ensure stronger, sturdier, and better quality construction. the industry has change so much, especially since the invention of computers.

Today, many construction projects use many different technologies from the start of a project to its completion. Innovation has been key in bringing construction careers to the forefront of employment opportunities, and this is just the beginning.

Here’s a list of the top five pieces of construction technology to watch out for this year.

Use of drones in construction

Drones are commonly used to take photos or create beautiful videos from heights and angles that the average photographer cannot easily reach. They are also often used to film scenes for television and movies. So how and why are drones so important in the construction industry? Drones help as an extra set of eyes for security, mapping, inventory tracking, and even help with building inspections.

These tiny flying cameras are of great help at all stages of a construction project. Today there are many options on the market for mapping and surveying. Drones are capable of plane mapping and 3D mapping. Drones can not only do all of the things mentioned above, but they are also extremely cost effective. Before drones, people had to use pilots to do the same job, which was expensive, time-consuming, and harmful to the environment. Drones save time and money and are getting better and better.

3D printing in construction

Like drones, printers don’t seem like game-changers for the construction industry at first glance. However, being able to turn a pencil drawing or digital design into a tangible 3D printed creation is a big step forward. 3D printers are widely used in the construction industry. So much so, that the average 3D printing systems were not enough, which led to the development and creation of 3D printers used specifically for industry, called construction 3D printers.

Not only does a 3D printer create a miniature version of a full-scale project, allowing you to make changes before the actual project is built, but 3D printers can also highlight any red flags to save you time and money in the future. . If a design has a defect, the printer can remove it. However, 3D printing is not just for miniature models. In fact, it is an excellent alternative when it comes to building in a place that is considered unsuitable, harsh or dangerous for human labor.

As our understanding of 3D printing expands over the next decade, we will also be able to save money and reduce waste by printing man-made materials like bricks and concrete with a printer.

Construction robots and exoskeletons in construction

The idea of ​​employed robots may seem like something out of a science fiction movie from the distant future, but it’s already happening today, especially in times of pandemics, social distancing, and labor shortages. There are several types of robots, from standard factory robots to completely autonomous creations.

Standard factory robots are those that are designed to understand and execute a single task repeatedly. There are also collaborative robots. Think of them like a golf cart. They make it easier for human employees to do their jobs, usually carrying their tools around as needed. Lastly, fully autonomous robots are the ones you’ve seen in the movies. These robots are capable of acting like a person. They can select the correct tools and complete a task on their own.

As for construction exoskeletons, also called exosuits, they’re more machines than robots, though it’s easy to see the confusion. Construction exoskeletons are machines that a construction worker can use. The machines have motorized joints to make repetitive movements much easier to complete. Squatting, kneeling, and bending over are easy tasks. However, repeating them daily while working long hours can be harmful to the body, causing injuries.

Exoskeletons come in various forms. There are back supports, shoulder supports, and even chair supports. In short, these devices relieve pain and pressure in the back, shoulders, knees, and hips. There are also exosuits that can encompass the entire body, making it easier to lift heavy items from inventory.

Whether you’re using a robot or an exosuit, the physical workload on employees will be reduced. This keeps their bodies in strong and healthy condition for much longer.

2022 Building Technology Review

There you have it: a review of 2022 construction technology and all the advancements that have seen construction come back with a boom after lockdown. Technology and construction do not seem to go hand in hand at first glance. However, the two constantly work together, making each industry stronger. The future of technology, especially in the construction industry, looks brighter than ever.


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