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City of London Police arrest suspected GTA VI leaker with help from FBI and NCCU

Well that was quick: The London police believe they have arrested the leaker of GTA VI. Police raided Thursday night, just days after the FBI got involved. Authorities have not released the name of the teen suspect, nor have they announced the charges he faces. More details should emerge in the coming days.

The teenager suspected of being behind this week’s massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak is in custody in the UK. City of London Police stopped a 17-year-old Oxfordshire resident suspected of hacking Rockstar and Uber. Police officers say they were helped by the UK’s National Cyber ​​Crimes Unit (NCCU).

According to sources at former Reuters reporter Matthew Keys, the unidentified teenager is suspected of belonging to the hacking group known as “Lapsus$”. Lapsus$ uses the privacy-focused Telegram messaging app to organize, which the NCCU and other law enforcement agencies have infiltrated and been monitoring for some time. Keys also says that the FBI was involved.

At this time, police have not released any details of the arrest other than that the suspect is in custody. Since the suspected hacker is a minor, officials could withhold his name until they get legal approval. More information is likely to be released by London Police and the FBI in the coming days.

The events leading up to the arrest began when a GTAForums user, with the username “teapotuberhacker”, posted over 90 videos and screenshots of GTA VI, still in development. This leak occurred just days after a hacker by the name “teapot2022” breached Uber’s internal systems and exposed 57 million customer records. A Lapsus$ member with the username “Tea Pot” claimed responsibility for both attacks. At that point, Uber began working with the FBI and others to identify Tea Pot. The FBI also opened an investigation into the Rockstar hack a few days ago.

The teenager’s arrest is not the first by London police. In March, UK law enforcement raided and arrested seven suspected members of Lapsus$. Police believed one of them was Tea Pot, but authorities have not confirmed whether the man arrested in Oxfordshire was involved in the earlier raid.


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