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Developer Dying Light Teases Fantasy RPG



Techland, developer of Dead Island and Dying Light, has released a small teaser trailer for their upcoming “exotic” fantasy open-world RPG.

Writing on Twitter today, Techland described the project as a “fantastic story-driven epic with an exotic open world ready to be explored.”

The painting depicts a man holding onto the branches of a huge tree, overlooking a fantastic landscape and a sky filled with a torn apart moon. Several creatures are also shown – something that looks like parrots and a lemur.

Techland has been busy with its popular Dying Light franchise.

“We’re committed to creating an immersive AAA story-driven game that combines and enhances the best aspects of gameplay that Techland is known for,” the studio continued. Ha, I wonder what it could be?

If the project sounds familiar, then you are great – it has been mentioned before, but not for a number of years.

Back in 2016, Techland confirmed that it was working on an open-world fantasy game with RPG elements, “maybe in a slightly bigger sense than Dying Light,” said studio head Pave&lstrok. This was then reported by Marchevka to Eurogamer. “[But] these are elements of an RPG, not an RPG game.”

At the time, Techland stated that it planned to include co-op multiplayer and single-player modes in the project.

Since then, we haven’t heard much about the project – although, of course, Techland has been busy updating the hugely popular Dying Light, as well as launching its sequel.

There is no word yet on when the Techland project will come to fruition or even be discussed in more detail.

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This is what Netflix’s big video game push looks like a year later



In its sophomore year in video game development, Netflix lifted the curtain on the future of its gaming service.

During a recent press conference, Netflix revealed some of its video game plans for the rest of 2023 and beyond. The company said it is developing 70 games with external partners, in addition to 16 games being developed by Netflix’s own studios. Netflix said it will release about 40 games by the end of 2023, with new games coming to the service at least once a month. There are currently 55 games hosted on the Netflix gaming platform.

However, when it came to showing some of the games being developed for Netflix, the company had little to say. Netflix has announced that Monument Valley 1 and 2 – the isometric mobile puzzle games from 2014 and 2017 respectively – will hit Netflix sometime in 2024.

Additionally, Netflix revealed that a new Too Hot to Handle game is coming later this year along with a new season of the dating reality show. In addition, Netflix teased the next game in a previously announced three-game deal with Ubisoft. It’s called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace and is the sequel to The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Ubisoft’s rogue-lite game for PC and mobile that combines castle building and dungeon crawling. Rogue Palace is coming to Netflix on April 18th.

Finally, the studio revealed that Super Evil Megacorp, developer of Vainglory and Catalyst Black, is working on an exclusive game based on Netflix’s unannounced IP address. The studio plans to reveal more about this release later this year.

Netflix ‘very pleased with progress’

Netflix also declined to provide any specific numbers on how its gaming service is performing among Netflix subscribers. Asked for details, Netflix vice president of external games Lynn Lumbe said the company is “very happy with the progress” in user growth, adding that games like Too Hot to Handle are gaining more players over time.

The Netflix gaming initiative did not resonate with the vast majority of Netflix users. last August, less than 1% of Netflix subscribers regularly interacted with the games of the service. But the company said it hopes to encourage its users to play games on their mobile devices by providing microtransaction-free games, recognizable franchises, and games tied to Netflix shows. Netflix has previously announced spin-off games for “King’s Gambit”, “Shadows and Bones” and others.

In 2022, Netflix said it was committed to providing its customers with the “absolutely best” gaming experience. The streaming giant began releasing games in November 2021, when Netflix subscribers can access a catalog of available games for free.

Logan Plant is a freelance writer for IGN covering video game and entertainment news. He has over six years of experience in the gaming industry with signatures at IGN, Nintendo Wire, Switch Player Magazine and Lifewire. Find him on Twitter @LoganJPlant.

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Let Me Solo Her plays in a modified Elden Ring where every enemy is Malenia



Let Me Solo Her evolved into Let Me Solo Them in a frankly terrifying Elden Ring challenge.

The streamer has become a legend in the gaming community for helping players fight the most difficult optional boss: Malenia.

Not content with defeating the boss a thousand times and getting the sword of honor for the effort, Let Me Solo Her now plays a modified game where every enemy is Malenia.

Elden Ring Lore: Malenia and Scarlet Rot Explained

Every boss? Malenia. Every standard soldier? Malenia. Every animal in the wild? Malenia.

The streamer started the show on March 17, and from the very beginning everything was complicated: the grafted Scion became the grafted Malenia. It was the first defeat.

Then, after exiting the first catacombs, Let Me Solo Her looks towards Limgrave and sees many Malenias waiting.

The streamer’s main strategy is to ignore most of the Malenies on the battlefield, although they have increased aggression, which means they will relentlessly harass the player until they rest in the Place of Grace like some red-haired Terminator gang. Passing through Stormvale Castle required great courage and skill.

Raya Lukaria was even scarier: a yard with all the crabs? All Malenia.

Boss encounters may seem simple enough to such an expert, but Malenia is not designed to fight in certain conditions. For example, the Margate Bridge area is full of spikes and weapons in the ground that are too easy to get stuck on.

Then there are two level bosses. Both Malenia boss fight phases are one normal boss phase. So the fight with Rennala now means both phases of Malenia in the library, and then again both phases in the moonlight. Thank you very much.

Moreover, the streamer complicates the task by not pumping energy. And all this without the branded Jar Helm – at least for now.

You can follow the Let Me Solo Her ride on YouTube.

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Remember the ancient Roman dildo? It might just be an old Roman spindle.



Increase / This phallus-shaped object went viral last month, but it may not be an ancient Roman dildo.

Vindolanda Trust

Chances are good you read at least one of the countless media reports last month of a possible 2,000-year-old “dildo” found near the remains of a Roman subsidiary fort in the UK called Vindolanda. Well, it’s either a dildo; a pestle used to grind culinary, cosmetic or medical ingredients; or something meant to be inserted into a statue and rubbed for good luck (common Roman practice). This is what the authors February newspaper in antiquity nevertheless concluded. But now we have another possible explanation consider: The phallus-shaped artifact could be a spindle used to spin yarn.

As we reported earlier, Vindolanda the site is located south of the defensive fortification known as hadrian wall. An antiquarian named William Camden recorded the existence of the ruins in a 1586 treatise. Over the next 200 years, many people visited the site, discovering a military bath in 1702 and an altar in 1715. The Reverend Anthony Hadley began excavations at the site in 1814, but died before he could record what he found for posterity. Another altar found in 1914 confirmed that the fort was called Vindolanda.

Serious archaeological excavations at this site began in the 1930s under the direction of Eric Birley, whose sons and grandson continued the business after his death, up to the present day. The lack of oxygen in the sediments (some of which go as deep as 6 meters or 19 feet into the ground) means that the recovered artifacts are surprisingly well preserved. These include wooden writing tablets and more than 100 boxwood combs, which would have decayed long ago in more oxygen-rich conditions.

The site is best known for the so-called Vindolanda tablets, among the oldest surviving handwritten documents in Britain. Discovered in 1973, these are postcard-sized thin wooden leaves with text written in carbon ink. Most of the documents are official military communications and personal messages from the soldiers of the garrison to their families, revealing many details of life in the fort. By far the most famous is Tablet 291, written around 100 AD. the wife of a general named Claudia Severa, who was in charge of a nearby fort. It was addressed to Sulpicia Lepidina, inviting her to a birthday party, and is one of the earliest known examples of a woman writing in Latin.

Phalluses were everywhere in ancient Rome because they were believed to ward off evil. There are 13 phallic images at the Vindolanda site alone, more than at any other excavation site along Hadrian’s Wall.

Last year, for example, archaeologists excavating at Vindolanda unearthed a small stone that was unmistakably carved with an image of a penis—essentially an ancient Roman image of d**k—along with a crudely offensive message. Experts in Roman epigraphy recognized the inscription as a distorted version Secundine cockatorwhich translates to “Secundinus, shit”. The depiction of the penis simply added insult to injury—a clever subversion of the traditional interpretation of the phallus as a positive symbol of fertility.

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