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Gayle King presents Harry Styles with a special honor after historic residency at Madison Square Garden

Pop superstar Harry Styles got a surprise on the final night of his 15-night residency at Madison Square Garden. To celebrate the historic series of performances, “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King presented Styles with a special banner on stage Wednesday night.

“We think you walk with joy, you walk with happiness, you walk with love, and we just want to say to you, Harry, ‘We don’t want to say goodnight, Harry Styles,'” King told the artist onstage.

As the arena of fans cheered, he unveiled himself and raised a banner in the air displaying “Harry Styles 15.” He will remain at Madison Square Garden permanently and is now one of four music-related banners currently hanging from the stadium’s rafters.

“Things like this don’t happen to people like me very often,” Styles said Wednesday night. “I just want to thank you all.”

His “Love on Tour” residency ran from August 20 to September 21, with all 15 performances completely sold out.

Jim Dolan, president and CEO of MSG Entertainment, called the feat “a tremendous achievement” and referred to Styles as “one of the most impactful artists of his generation”.

“It is a testament to Harry and his fans that a banner celebrating this remarkable achievement will hang from the rafters alongside some of history’s most legendary entertainers and athletes,” Dolan said in a statement.

King said presenting the honor to Styles was an “out of body” experience.

“You’re looking at Harry and he’s looking at you, I didn’t even think about the crowd, I just thought about him,” he said.


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