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Review of the film “From the Inside”: Willem Dafoe’s strange magentism



“Art Forever”. This turn of phrase, uttered by Willem Dafoe’s character Nemo in Vassilis Katsupis’ directorial debut Inside, is a confusing little proverb with many layers of meaning. It rattles in your brain like a pinball, in much the same way that Nemo rattles in the luxury apartment where he’s trapped after an art heist goes wrong.

“Art Forever” speaks volumes about how much we value art, and it’s also a cheeky taunt when Nemo feasts on million-dollar pieces of contemporary art in a wealthy collector’s penthouse. Later, this statement would haunt and even threaten Nemo alone, in an increasingly dire situation of survival, with only art to fuel him.

“Inside” by Ben Hopkins (from the concept of Katsupis) contrasts the most primitive elements of humanity with the most advanced written in order to reveal the contradictory and alienating nature of our present world. An astute cold-blooded camera is filming this wealthy collector’s apartment in Kazakhstan when Nemo bursts in, hacking into the security panel with codes given to him by his partner on the walkie-talkie. Unable to find a specific painting, he is short on time and attempts to escape, but the security system malfunctions and he is trapped inside the apartment, a heavy carved wooden door locking the vault.

It takes a certain suspension of disbelief to believe that there really is no way out. But this highly automated smart home, which plays “Macarena” when the refrigerator is left open for too long and is equipped with a full fire suppression system in case of a fire, is so technologically advanced that it doesn’t even have a phone, computer, or access to the outside. It’s a luxurious prison, a gilded cage filled with priceless works of art, whose value fades away in this agonizing survival situation – after all, art can’t be eaten.

But Katsoupis and Hopkins do not completely undermine the value of artistic expression. Nemo finds himself in this nightmarish quarantine – first adapting, then fighting, literally battling the elements as a buggy home automation system scorches him with heat, then frost. The water is off, and he resorts to collecting it from automatic room sprinklers and licking moisture from the freezer. He dine on caviar before starving to death, turning his hungry eyes on the exotic fish that swim carelessly in their aquarium high in the sky.

It’s The Survivor: Penthouse Apartment and it maps our experience of staying at home in 2020 during the pandemic (watch Nemo pretend to host a cooking show) and explores some of the trauma caused by this technology-enhanced isolation and alienation. which is designed to make our lives more comfortable, but most often divides us.

Nemo’s company consists only of works of art, but his desire for communication and self-expression does not die. He develops a parasocial relationship with the building’s staff on the security monitors, unable to call out to or contact them. He eventually transforms into a sort of primitive man, painting on walls, creating strange altars and structures, developing an almost religious fervor in his isolation.

Katsoupis questions the overvalued value of art by reminding us that self-expression is inherently human and elemental. He is closer to the top of our hierarchy of needs than we might think.

Katsupis asks these leading and provocative questions about humanity, but offers no clear answers or messages. Rather, he lets his muse, Defoe, simply live on this harrowing journey with his strange magnetism and sense of timelessness, in a performance that is both primitive and transcendent. Nemo becomes a figure straight out of Greek mythology, reckoning with the forces of creation and destruction, but it’s not clear if he is Sisyphus, Prometheus, or perhaps even Icarus.

Walsh is a film critic for the Tribune News Service.


Rating: R, for profanity, some sexual content and nudity.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

plays: Start March 17th in general release

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Play after play of the first stop on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour



Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

The era of Taylor Swift has begun. The singer officially kicked off her Eras Tour with two consecutive concerts in Glendale Swift City, Eras-zona, 17 and 18 March. Despite the unprecedented ticketing drama, thousands of Swifts turned up at the first stop of Swift’s long-awaited return to live shows. However, many people have missed pre-sale codes or cannot afford seats for the remaining dates. So, Ticketmaster, look what you got us to do – we’ve put together clips below so fans can relive what it was like at these openings, from her packed setlist to famous faces in the audience. We’ll update this post if she does something different tonight.

She started her set with “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince”, followed by four more songs from beloved (hey, many Swifties are still mourning the brutal summer that Lover Fest was cancelled).

Taylor sang for about three hours, performing a total of 44 songs (or 45, counting her “seven” spoken interlude). Don’t see your favorite below? Don’t worry. She announced that one track would be unique to each show; the first of these surprise songs was an acoustic version of “mirrorball”.

Let’s just say she didn’t save.

Jerk. She danced in a chair to “Vigilante Shit” and turned around as well. Mikael Arellano viral dance “Bejeweled” in the official choreography of the tour.

More than a dozen! She changed throughout the night to match the vibe of each of her albums, although the Swifties seemed to be particularly fond of her “Enchanted” ball gown.

She did make several speeches.

Paramore and Gale were the first two musical guests. Other openers for the rest of the Eras Tour will be beabadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers, girl in red, Muna, Haim, Gracie Abrams and Owenn.

Laura Dern, the Haim sisters and an extremely excited Emma Stone made the trip to Swift City. So, of course, did Mom Swift.

Well, yes, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the show.

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BTS Facts About The Biggest Group In The World That Never Existed



Camila and Sookie’s friendship isn’t just a play on the show.

Camila reminisced about the time she and Suki got into trouble for talking too much during takes.

She laughed like she reminded Sookie of the moment in an interview with Town and Country Magazine, he said, “Remember the scene with Timothy Olyphant, when he’s talking to Billy, to Sam Claflin, and they sit up front and say, ‘Quiet in the back!’ And it’s just like me and Sookie drinking beer in the background and forgetting what we’re supposed to be doing. For example: “Quiet, Suki and Kami, we hear you!”

Sukie continued, β€œYes, we definitely had this natural friendship. Our friendship has developed. [quickly]β€œWhen you meet someone and you start working with them and spend 12 hours a day together for two years, you know everything about each other’s life and you start to analyze everything, and it becomes part of the show.”

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Taylor Swift Kicks Off US Eras Tour at Super Bowl Stadium



Taylor Swift opened the US concert series with a three-hour tour about her career.

GLENDAL, Arizona. — Taylor Swift opened the U.S. concert series with a three-hour tour of her career.

Swift kicked off the first show of the 27-day Eras Tour with six songs from her Lover album on Friday night at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, where the Super Bowl was played a month ago.

“I don’t know how to deal with how this makes me feel right now,” Swift, who hasn’t toured since 2018, said at the start of the show.

She ended the concert with a seven-song set from her latest album, Midnights, culminating in Karma.

In between, she played bands of songs from most of her albums – and only one, “Tim McGraw”, from her 2006 self-titled debut. In the end, it took her 44 songs and just over three hours to cover her entire 17-year career.

This series of concerts has not toured with her previous three albums and aims to catch up by providing a live debut for many of these songs. When Swift announced the tour in November, she called it “a journey through the musical eras of my career (past and present!).

Swift seemed to acknowledge the Ticketmaster furor that tainted the tour prep when she told a crowd of over 70,000 that she understood it took them “considerable effort” to be there.

After another show at the same location on Saturday night, the tour moves to Allegiant Stadium outside Las Vegas and then to AT.&T Stadium near Dallas.

It concludes with two shows in Los Angeles in August.

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