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The Republican Party is committed to retaking the House with a political platform focused on the elections

The announcement comes as once-optimistic predictions of a widespread red tide in the November election have faded in recent weeks and Democrats have outperformed expectations in a late-term special election this summer. President Joe Biden’s approval rating, a leading indicator of his party’s chances in a midterm election, has rebounded of late, the enthusiasm gap between Republican and Democratic voters has narrowed, and polls now show that independents lean Democratic. Still, most forecasters believe the GOP will narrowly win the House this year.

While inflation rose sharply for much of last year, the past two months have shown a leveling off, with little to no month-over-month increases, driven in large part by a sharp drop in gasoline prices. At the same time, Democrats have fought together for a string of legislative victories recently, including a major climate change and health bill.

“That first day we’re sworn in, you’re going to see everything change, because our first bill, we’re going to repeal 87,000 IRS agents,” McCarthy said, repeating a widely discredited and inflated figure.

The plan also promises to cut spending, punishing Democrats for passing the $1.9 trillion American Bailout Plan in March 2021. During the Trump administration, including two years of unified Republican control of the 115th Congress, federal spending grew every year, even before counting around $4 billion on COVID-19 relief spending enacted with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2020.

Republicans also pledged to support the hiring of 200,000 new police officers through the award of hiring bonuses, and attributed the increase in crime since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to liberal policies in cities led by the Republicans. Democrats. Yet violent crime is on the rise across the country, including in rural zones. On Thursday, the House approved legislation that would provide smaller police departments with more funds to recruit and train officers. Although bipartisan, more Republicans (55) than Democrats (9) opposed the bill, a version of which passed unanimously in the Senate in August.


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