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Where does ‘Andor’ go from here and how does Andor fit into the ‘Star Wars’ timeline?

Viewership numbers may not prove it, but the critical acclaim for star Wars TV He hasn’t been kind so far. the mandalorian, goofy fett, other obi wan they often felt like ways to put IP in front of us again. Luke Skywalker picking up Baby Yoda, the return of Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen, and a host of laser-shooting cool guys. Hell, even Obi-Wan spent a good chunk of the first three episodes of him just firing a gun.

Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) could be both rogue one IP and a gunslinger too, but there’s a reason his new series has the sauce many critics feel the franchise has been missing since. rogue one. Andor has developed characters, a world that feels truly lived in, and as Don wrote in our review: “something that can stand entirely on its own, outside the trappings of the massive multiverse in which it exists.”

Sure, we’re still only two hours away from what’s been billed as a 24-episode ride spread over two seasons, but it’s exciting to think about where Andor you can go from here, now that you’ve flown into space once more. Many mysteries remain, such as the identity of Stellan Skarsgård’s character, the search for Andor’s sister, and what adventures await our future Rebellion spy.

Where is Andor going now?

star Wars amateurs I know that at the end of rogue one, Cassian Andor ends up as a pile of ash on the planet Scarif. It’s not the best of endings for our new hero, but there are still plenty of adventures that can happen in between. Andor is not only one of the most important figures in creating the rebellion and acquiring the plans for the Death Star, he is one of the most pragmatic and quick-thinking spies the franchise has seen thus far. Cassian is also just in his early days with the Rebellion in Andor Season one, so there’s really no telling where his journey will take him next.

Who is Luther Rael?

When Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) shows up at Ferrix to recruit Cassian, he reveals that he already knows a lot about the outlaw Kenari. That’s great for Rael, but we haven’t heard from him yet. Right now, all viewers know is that he’s a guy who clearly despises the Empire, which may place him somewhere in the Rebel Alliance. However, we do have a clue to go on, which of course comes from an eagle eye Reddit Username. Posting an image from the Andor trailer, we can clearly see a scene between Rael and Mon Mothma, one of the rebel leaders. Rael is standing on an artifact from the clone warswhich turns out to be the mask General Plo Koon. He was also one of the great Jedi lost after Order 66 in revenge of the sith. While this does not provide any insight into how Luthen Rael plays in Andorreveals his reverence for the fallen Jedi order and connections to the future Rebel Alliance in rogue one.

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Who is Cassian Andor’s sister?

Andor It begins with Cassian in a brothel searching for the whereabouts of his long-lost sister. She’s not there, and even more daunting, she may never have been. Stolen from his home planet when he was just a child, he hasn’t seen her younger sister since. Still, he never stopped looking for her. Many theories so far point to Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona), the mechanic and black market dealer who is friends with Cassian in Ferrix. She seems to genuinely care about Cassian, but there’s some simmering sexual tension there. Fans may lean toward Bix simply because she’s the only other female character in the right age range that audiences have right now, but that’s not a bad guess. The franchise may even be replicating Luke and Leia’s relationship before they realized they shouldn’t kiss because, you know, they were siblings. Still don’t wait Disney go full house of the dragon About us

When Andor Season 2 debut?

Calm! There are still nine more episodes of the first season to air between now and November 23, 2022, when Andor The second season is expected to start filming. “We are going to shoot from November [2022] to august [2023]and then our last post was about a year,” said series creator Tony Gilroy. the envelope. those places Andor The second season will debut approximately in the fall of 2024. However, do not be discouraged. There are still plenty of adventures in store for Cassian Andor in the meantime. A burning question on my mind: where can I get some of those blue noodles?

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