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Windows filled with a transparent layer of wood help retain heat



Infrared image of a building

Ivan Smalyukh

Transparent wood airgel can replace the air in double glazed windows and make them as insulating as walls.

Windows with air trapped in the gap between the glass plates can make better insulating materials, either by increasing the number of glass panels, which can affect visual quality, or by increasing the width of the air gap – but anything over 1.5 centimeters becomes detrimental to the insulation effect because convection currents circulate more easily.

To solve this problem, Ivan Smalyukh at the University of Colorado, Boulder and colleagues used cellulose nanofibers to create an airgel, a hard gel containing gas pockets that could perform better than air in double glazing.

“We have a very unusual combination of properties – this is an airgel with very high transparency, which also has very high thermal insulation,” says Smalyukh. “You can think of it as a pillow that keeps warmth where you need it and at the same time you can see through it so you can use it on a window.”

To make the airgel, they first suspended cellulose nanofibers from wood in water and then replaced the water with ethanol. They then dried the airgel by raising the temperature and pressure, replacing the filling pockets of ethanol in the material with air, and then adding silicon compounds to the surface to make it water-repellent, preventing condensation from forming when used in windows.

The tiny pockets of air built into the airgel mean it can be used to fill a wider space without the convection effects you get with air alone. Filling with airgel about an inch wide can make a window as insulating as a wall.

“This is a really good development that can be easily used as an upgrade for existing windows,” says Steve Eichhorn at the University of Bristol in the UK. “The reduction in heat transfer, combined with the added benefit of retained clarity and low haze, makes this material truly remarkable, all thanks to its durable material, cellulose.”

There will be problems with scaling up, but there are already processes for producing cellulose nanofibers at scale that make this possible, says Eichhorn.


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Crazy dragon-inspired shape-shifting drone moves around objects



University of Tokyo graduate students have outdone themselves and are changing the way we view drones with their latest invention. They created a group of futuristic-looking drone prototypes that can change their structural shape in the air.

As you will see in the video below, it could be a game changer if companies or the military use drones to move and transport things.


How were these drones built?

The students were inspired by the idea of ​​a dragon flying through the air, as we saw in movies like Game of Thrones, and how they can squirm and turn as they fly.

Drones are built with multi-axis gimbal systems and have separate segments. A multi-axis gimbal system is a device that uses motors and sensors to stabilize and control the movement of a camera or other mounted object along multiple axes. It usually consists of a base that houses the motors and controls, and a platform that holds a camera or other equipment. In addition, in this case, each segment has its own multicopter motor, which powers it and allows it to move in any direction.

The plane is constantly changing its structural shape as it moves, which is why it moves a bit slower in the video above. However, as you can see, it can perform basic tasks like pushing, pulling, and grabbing objects. So the possibilities and potential practical applications of its use are endless.

Students at the University of Tokyo have created futuristic drone prototypes that can change their shape in the air. (University of Tokyo)


How can these drones be used?

This cutting-edge technology has the potential to change the future of drones and their use. For example, a company like Amazon can use it to move and transport their products. Or it can be used for search and rescue, to change its shape and navigate through tight spaces, or to grab objects to transport them, or push debris aside to clear a path. Another use could be in agriculture, to grab hold of fruits and vegetables and collect them. . It can also aid in space exploration and be used to build spacecraft that can adapt to different environments in space. In addition, the military can use this technology to adapt to different types of terrain, such as navigating through forests or rough terrain.

The fact that drones have the ability to change the shape of a structure while moving makes the possibilities of their use limitless. It’s important to note that the University of Tokyo team is still working on refining the drones to try and make them move faster and have more flexibility.

SPIDAR is a four-legged robot with joints at the hips and knees of each leg for movement.

SPIDAR is a four-legged robot with joints at the hips and knees of each leg for movement. (University of Tokyo)


What other projects are the students working on?

The students also recently created a prototype known as SPIDAR, which stands for joint ventureHereIvector and Dwith distributed rotor AIR terrestrial amphibian quadruped Rabout We know it’s quite a lot.

In essence, SPIDAR is a four-legged robot with articulated joints in the hip and knee of each leg that help the robot move. However, it still moves quite slowly and can only walk for about 20 minutes and fly for about nine minutes. It is hoped that students will continue developing the prototype so that it can eventually hold and manipulate two objects at the same time. The video below shows the progress made so far in SPIDAR.

Should we be concerned about this new drone technology?

All new technologies have their pros and cons. While the potential applications for these drones seem exciting and limitless, there are potential downsides to consider as well.


One downside could be the potential for these drones to be used for malicious purposes such as espionage or terrorism. Their ability to change shape and maneuver in tight spaces can be difficult to detect and track. Another downside is the impact on jobs, especially in agriculture, where these types of drones can replace human labor in tasks like harvesting. I also have concerns about privacy and surveillance if they are used for unauthorized surveillance, violating your privacy rights.

I think it’s critical that we keep these potential downsides in mind as we explore the possibilities of this new technology. As this technology becomes available, I really think it’s also important to work on developing rules and policies that can help mitigate any negative impacts.


What do you think of these drones at the moment? Let us know your thoughts.

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4 natural ways to calm an upset stomach



If you’ve ever had a stomach ache before an important date or an important work day, you’re not alone. The anxiety you feel can affect how your stomach behaves because your entire body is working together in ways you probably never thought possible. Below we will discuss good connection with the brain and how you can take care of that nervous stomach when it starts bothering you.

What is the connection between the brain and the intestines?

Your brain and gut are connected in a way that you may not have realized is the gut-brain axis. This means that when your brain experiences something like anxiety, it can travel to the stomach, intestines, and intestines and cause distress. Similarly, stomach pain can alert your brain to excitement, which can cause stress or anxiety. Harvard Health.

Your vagus nerve is one of the central connections between your gut and your brain. This set of nerves controls digestion, among other things. When the vagus nerve is damaged, you may experience digestive problems such as gastroparesis. Cleveland Clinic. This is a condition in which you do not digest food properly.

Your nervous and digestive systems are inherently linked, which means that a problem with one can cause a problem with the other. When it comes to anxiety, it’s what happens in your brain that leads to stomach issues.

General symptoms of indigestion:

  • An upset stomach that results in vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Spasms of the stomach.
  • stomach upset
  • constipation
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Painful gas.
  • Butterflies in the stomach.
  • Increased need for a bathroom.

Tips to help calm an upset stomach

An anxious stomach is common, and there are many things you can do to help relieve the symptoms. Try any of the following the next time you have an upset stomach.

Watch what you eat and drink

It only makes sense that what you eat and drink can affect your stomach. But in addition to thinking about what foods typically give you stomach pain, you should also think about what might be affecting your brain. For example, while caffeine often helps if you’re tired, it can make your brain work faster and possibly cause some anxiety. This anxiety can lead to indigestion. Certain foods, such as dark chocolate or turmeric, can also help reduce anxiety. Chamomile tea also often helps relieve stress.

read more: The Best (and Worst) Foods for Your Mental Health

Use medicinal herbs

As mentioned earlier, chamomile can relieve stress, but ginger is another popular natural remedy. There’s a reason so many people drink ginger ale on planes – it helps soothe a nervous stomach! You can get ginger from ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger candy, or just pure ginger. This root is great for your digestive system because it keeps it working efficiently. Johns Hopkins. Peppermint essence and tea can also help soothe an upset stomach.

Ginger lemon tea

jayk7 / Getty Images

Try to breathe deeply

Deep breathing can help you in two ways. Practicing deep breathing can ease indigestion and calm anxiety. According to University of Michigan HealthDeep breathing can help with an upset stomach because it activates the diaphragm and gives your organs a gentle massage to calm them down. As far as anxiety goes, deep breaths activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which causes the nervous and digestive systems to find balance. Dignity Health. If you experience nervousness or anxiety in your stomach, stop what you are doing and take a few deep breaths in and out. Repeat until you feel some relief.

Work on improving your health

By starting from the source, you will certainly be able to solve stomach problems. Improving your health can reduce any stress your nervous stomach causes. One of the best ways to do this is eat the right food. Try to eat a well balanced diet though meals are ok moderately! – it’s full of fiber. In accordance with Johns Hopkins Medical Center, a fiber-rich diet will support the digestive system as needed. You also need to make sure your stomach is full of good bacteria. You can get this from foods like yogurt and kefir. Regular exercise and good sleep hygiene can also help keep your bowels in check.

Get regular exercise

simply and easily, exercise is good for you. This is good for your mental health because it allows you to channel your stress and relax. In addition, by working up to a sweat, you burn calories and train your muscles. But research also found that exercise can positively affect the gut microbiome. Studies show that regular exercise improves the microflora in the stomach (that is, all bacteria) and can improve the connection between the brain and the intestines, supporting the functioning of the nervous and digestive systems.

When does my nervous stomach become a problem?

A nervous stomach from time to time is normal. You may feel nervousness in your stomach if you have an important meeting at work or are about to get into an unfamiliar situation with strangers. This is fine! However, if you are constantly worried about indigestion, it is better to consult a doctor. There’s a good chance it’s not a nervous stomach. It may still be associated with anxiety.

It’s also possible that your indigestion is caused by something completely different, in which case it’s time to talk to your doctor about what’s going on. Check with your doctor to rule out common problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.

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Best Google Pixel Deals: Up to $1,000 Off Pixel 7 Pro, Free Pixel 6A, and More



Google continues to impress with its Pixel phones, and all three of its latest models claim a spot on our list. best phones overall for 2023. With prices ranging from $449 to $1,099, there’s an option for every need and budget, and with a plethora of deals and offers, you can get it for less right now.

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are the latest models in Google’s flagship lineup and are a great choice if you already use Google services to organize your life. There are also Pixel 6Awhich is our common favorite Android phone under $500 on the market right now.

Andrew Lankson/CNET

But no matter which model is best for your needs, there’s no reason to pay more than you need. Below you’ll find our roundup of all the best deals on all the Pixel phones you can buy right now, from carriers and retailers alike.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which Pixel model is best for you, be sure to check out our comparison of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro with their previous generation counterparts for a complete picture of their specs and performance. If affordability is your top priority, you’ll probably want to go for the budget option. Pixel 6A.

Discounts on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro hit store shelves last October, and you’ll find them in stock at most major retailers and carriers as well. And there are plenty of deals, whether you’re looking for an unlocked model, have an old device to trade in, or need a new service plan through your carrier.

There are several benefits to buying a Pixel 7 directly from Google. First, all models and colors are in stock so you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect configuration, and Google lets you buy the phone right away instead of the installment plan some retailers and carriers require.

Right now, Google is offering a $150 discount on both models without an install or trade-in plan. Although, if you have an older device from Google, Apple, or Samsung, you can save up to $400 with a trade-in, allowing you to get the base model Pixel 7 for just $50.

Amazon backed Google’s deal on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, and is offering a $150 discount on all models, colors, and configurations right now. This brings the starting price down to just $449 per pixels 7or $749 for Pixel 7 Pro. Amazon also has its own trade-in program and you can earn up to $401 in exchange for your old devices.

You get price alerts for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro on Amazon.

AT&T’s offerings vary slightly depending on which Pixel 7 model you’re looking at. – without fail. And if you’re looking for the Pixel 7 Pro, you can make money recycling your former device with up to $1,000 in credit (with flagship phones from Apple, Samsung, and Google fetching the highest values). and there is no need for a newline.

Verizon is currently offering deals to both new and existing customers. If you add a new line of services, you can save $520 on the Pixel 7 or $540 on the Pixel 7 Pro. If you don’t want the new line, you can still save up to $700 on a Pixel 7 or $800 on a Pixel 7 Pro with a matching trade-in that includes even old and damaged devices.

And no matter what phone you buy, you can get a free $200 Verizon gift card when you switch your existing number from another carrier. Verizon is also offering some other perks, including $400 off select smartwatches (although you’ll need a data plan for that as well) and 50% off a pair of Pixel Buds Pro.

T-Mobile is offering up to $600 off Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro when you trade in an eligible device and upgrade to a Magenta Max plan. If you don’t have a Magenta Max plan, you can still save up to $300 by doing a qualifying swap. You can also save $501 on both models if you add a new line of services to an eligible plan.

You can also get a Pixel Watch for free with purchase, though you’ll also need to add a new line of services to get the discount.

If you want an unlocked model, Best Buy is offering $150 off Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro with activation. Or you can save $250 on the Pixel 7 and $300 on the Pixel 7 Pro if you opt for same-day activation and connect with a carrier – although that essentially defeats the purpose of an unlocked model.

Best Buy also partners with several mobile carriers and offers some carrier-exclusive discounts. Verizon customers can save up to $800 with a trade-in that includes even old and damaged phones. T-Mobile is offering its customers up to $600 off on a qualifying exchange, but you also need to subscribe to a qualifying Magenta Max plan to receive the discount. Best Buy doesn’t currently have models for AT&T customers, so they’ll have to look elsewhere for discounts.

Offers for Pixel 6A

CNET’s Lisa Edicco Names Google’s Affordable Next Generation Pixel 6A “best Android phone under $500.” It’s slightly smaller than the full-size Pixel 7 and features a 6.1-inch OLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate. It comes with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM, which is slightly less than the standard Pixel 7 but still more than enough for most people’s needs. It also boasts 5G capabilities and Wi-Fi 6 support for lightning-fast browsing. That’s already a solid value at the regular price of $449, but we’ve rounded up some of the best deals and deals so you can pick up even cheaper.

If you want an unlocked Pixel 6A, Google is one of the best places to shop right now. Not only is it available in all colors and configurations, but it’s also offering a $150 direct discount, bringing the starting price down to $299. Google also has its own trade-in program where you can save up to $250 in exchange for devices from Apple, Google, Samsung and other manufacturers.

Amazon beat the Google Pixel 6A discount by $10 and is offering up to $160 off right now. Although some color options are currently sold out. Like Google, Amazon has its own trade-in program where you can save up to $401 in exchange for your old phones and devices.

You’re getting Google Pixel 6a price alerts (128GB Carbon)

Both new and existing AT&T customers can get the Pixel 6A for as little as $2 a month when purchased in installments and activated on an eligible unlimited plan. This ties you to a 36-month plan, but saves you $398 compared to AT&T’s price or $377 compared to Google’s price. It’s also worth noting that AT&T only has a charcoal option at the moment, so you’ll have to shop elsewhere if you’re in the mood for a different color.

Customers adding a new service lineup to Verizon can get the Pixel 6A completely free with the new lineup on an eligible unlimited 5G plan. And if you’re already a Verizon customer and eligible for the upgrade, you can get it at a $200 discount. Both new and existing customers can save $400 on select smartwatches, though you’ll also need a service line to do so. plus 50% off Google Pixel Buds A Series.

Discounts on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

The previous generation Pixel 6 is almost two years old now, and finding new models in stock is getting pretty hard. But if you’re looking to buy one of those old flagship phones, Amazon still has a few available that you can buy for hundreds less than the original price. Google is no longer offering the Pixel 6, and most retailers and carriers have moved their offerings to newer Pixel 7 models, so this is about the only deal you’ll find at the moment.

If you don’t want the latest and greatest models, Amazon still offers some discounts on the previous generation Pixel 6. Right now, you can save $219 on the 128GB model and $270 on the 256GB model compared to the original list price. There are a few Pixel 6 Pro models in stock at Amazon, but they’re either refurbished or sold through third-party retailers that we haven’t tested, so we recommend staying away.

You’re getting price alerts on Google Pixel 6 (128GB, Stormy Black)

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